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The word has its roots in the concept infinitesimal which indicates an object too small to see or measure. Any of innumerable small bodies thought to have orbited the sun during the formation of the planets.

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Planetesimal one of a class of bodies that are theorized to have coalesced to form earth and the other planets after condensing from concentrations of diffuse matter early in the history of the solar system.

Planetesimals. Planetesimal definition one of the small celestial bodies that according to one theory planetesimal hypothesis were fused together to form the planets of the solar system. Planet infinitesimal planetesimal adj. Planetesimals p l ae n t s m el z are solid objects thought to exist in protoplanetary disks and in debris disksper the chamberlinmoulton planetesimal hypothesis they are believed to form out of cosmic dust grains.

Nearly a billion years after the formation of earth during the hadean era 3800 million years ago most planetesimals had combined and become large enough to be considered planets. Caption a planetesimal is an object formed from dust rock and other materials. Planetesimal plaentsmel astronomy n astronomy any of a number of small bodies formerly thought to have been drawn from the sun by.

Dubious discuss believed to have formed 38 billion years ago in the solar system they are valuable in studies of the formation of the early solar system. According to the nebular hypothesis part of an interstellar cloud of dust and gas. Chamberlin a planetesimal mechanism for the origin of our solar system that temporarily replaced laplaces nebular hypothesis declared that astronomy is a science because the facts which have been acquired by observations and experiments are classified on the basis of their essential relations to each other and to the facts and principles of other sciences.

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