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Durarara Izaya Sisters

Izaya oriharas twin sisters. Recorded out of boredom.

Izaya And His Twin Sisters Durarara Anime Anime Siblings

He usually gives information for his own enjoyment and he claims to love the entire human race excluding shizuo heiwajima.

Durarara izaya sisters. Kururi is hinted to have feelings for her classmate aoba kuronuma and like her sister is a big fan of kasuka heiwajima. Durarara opening 1 lyrics full version english lyrics in desc duration. She also declares that she is bisexual and is looking for.

Kururi orihara orihara kururi is one of izayas younger sisters and the twin sister of mairu. I do not own anything all content belongs to there rightful owners. Like her brother she is a troublemaker at school and introduces herself as liking to read encyclopedias manga and adult magazines.

Izayas twin sisters mairu and kururi turn up. Mairu orihara orihara mairu is one of izayas younger sisters and the twin sister of kururi. Izaya and his sisters durarara x2 ep 20 sode.

Izaya orihara orihara izaya is a powerful and skilled underground information broker. He is one of the main antagonists in durarara one of the founders of. Hiroshi gets another orihara knockdown.

For those of you not familiar with the show this was a kind of fun episode the creators made after the main storyline was finished and i think they rushed fighting. Kururi has brown eyes short brown hair and a well developed bust.

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