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Durarara Shinra X Reader

Dollars and yellow scarves were everywhere on the net. Durarara au where izaya is secretly a vampire w an aphrodisiac bite and the reader is a struggling journalist trying to write an article about him being one of the most powerful men in ikebukuro but runs into him while shes digging up info.

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Read shinra kishitani x reader request from the story durarara.

Durarara shinra x reader. As a doctor and a scientist shinra is interested in what he considers interesting phenomena such as shizuos strength. Theyll love you forever. Shinra kishitani kishitani shinra is a young underground doctor who lives with celty sturluson.

As celty and. If you guys would like any requests please let me know via a message on here or through tumblr hikarif so that i can carry on this sort of thing. Your cousin shinra had warned you of that before you even set foot in the town but never in your life did you expect to be the target of one.

Shizuo x reader x izaya problem solving you lived in the city of ikebukuro where flying vending machines were normal as well as a bartender chasing after what would appear to be a psychopath while screamng izayaaaaaaa was an every day thing. Men with yellow bandanas and neck scarves were chasing after you raising their clubs high as they. Because im runnin out of original ideas.

It was just a normal day at slender mansion but what if a certain celebration leads to the group into a different universe called durarara. Christmas wish shizuo heiwajima x reader. Angel beats ane ao no exorcist ao ex bdgim blue exorcist blood blockade battlefront bnha boku dake ga inai machi boku no hero academia bsd bungou stray dogs corpse party the devil is a part timer doctor who drrr durarara era.

He stays mostly indoors and wears a white coat even when not working. Sitting on the couch in shinras apartment with shizuo right by your side you could already tell that this would be a christmas worth remembering. Shinra was on the.

Ok how about this for a oneshot. Durarara x reader one shots wordsoffate. One shots by torychanisfab admin with 895 reads.

Also this is a reader x mikado kai oc x izaya ariayth oc x anri toby x shizuo and jeff x lj story. You are a dullahan and is sister of celty the the headless rider and living with her and her husband shinra that you are afraid and hate so much because when you and celty was in a boat to search for your sister celtys head then you meet shinra and was the same age then meet his father then after that you both got and it. Okay here the story.

Yandereizaya x reader the devils lair. This one will be all about the anime durarara the next one will be of your choice. A collection of one shots with your favorite durarara characters chapter 1.

Followfav durarara x reader one shots.

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